Charlie Brownstone & Co. is a boutique design, build and development company based in Brooklyn, NY. 

We keep in the front of our minds the idea that with the right attention to detail, and attention to the right details, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. This applies in everything we do, from process to execution, from plans to construction, and from building our team of local artisans, craftsmen and specialists, to each of our individual thought processes. 

We specialize in designing and building exceptional spaces for happy people.


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• renovations

• restorations

• architectural services 

• layouts and floor plans

• value engineering

• interior design

• furniture design, selection, sourcing and fabrication

• finish selections

• graphic design

• identity design

Brooklyn is the region of homes and happiness. It is extraordinary: poor, harassed New Yorkers presume to look down on low-lying, home-loving Brooklyn, when as a matter of fact it is the precious jewel their souls are searching for and they never know it.
— Christopher Morely, Parnassus on Wheels